Local FSC Boundaries

Nearly 150 communities across California have created fire safe councils to help protect their homes and neighborhoods from the devastating effects of wildfire. San Diego County is home to 43 community fire safe councils, more than any other county in California – and the list keeps growing!

Community fire safe councils have been referred to as the “neighborhood watch” in keeping San Diego fire safe. As grassroots, community-led organizations, they mobilize residents to protect their homes, neighborhoods, and environments from wildfire. They know the unique challenges their communities face and implement projects like hazardous fuel reduction programs, local wildfire protection planning, and homeowner training to ensure its protection. 

The Fire Safe Council of San Diego County brings together these community fscs, along with local, state, and federal fire agencies in addition to other stakeholders. By working together across the county, we can utilize our combined experience, expertise, and common objectives to ensure our homes, businesses, and communities are well protected from the threats of wildfire. 

The map below allows you to interact with our county’s network of fire safe councils. You can enter your address and find your community fire safe council along with contact information for that fire safe council, Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), website, and more. If you cannot find a local fire safe council, you are covered by the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County!