Board of Directors

The Fire Safe Council of San Diego County is comprised of a 15-member Board of Directors consisting of leading representatives of federal, state & local agencies and stakeholders. The following agencies are represented on our Board of Directors:

  • San Diego County Fire Chiefs
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • CALFire
  • California State Parks
  • Fire Safe Council Member-at-Large
  • Insurance Industry Representative
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • RCD of Greater San Diego County
  • San Diego City Fire
  • San Diego County Fire Authority
  • Tribal/Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • San Diego Utilities Representative
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • US Forest Service
  • San Diego River Conservancy


Officers of the Board:

Don Butz

FSCSDC President

Lakeside Fire Chief

Ann Baldridge

FSCSDC Vice President

RCDGSDC Executive Director

Marilyn Huntamer

FSCSDC Treasurer 

Insurance Representative