Home Assessment Program

This program is now accepting applicants!

The Home Assessment Program provides free, educational home assessments for San Diego County residents to assist homeowners with understanding defensible space and home hardening principles, and taking action to improve their homes to meet wildfire resilience goals.

What is a home assessment?

A home assessment is a review of the vulnerability of a home and landscape to wildfire and ember ignition. During this assessment, a staff member will review defensible space and home hardening principles and make specific recommendations for improvements based on the current condition of your property.

Evaluations are performed by trained staff members and take about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive resources such as recommendations, educational resources, and program referrals that can help you meet your wildfire resilience goals.

 Programs referrals may  include:

  • Defensible Space Assistance Program (DSAP): After participating in a home assessment, residents in at-risk, target areas who are financially or physically unable to complete the work themselves, can receive assistance with tree trimming, weed abatement, and clean-up within 100 feet of their primary structure. 
  • Community Chipping Program: After completing a home assessment, residents may be able to participate in a community chipping event. This program is designed to assist residents with disposal of removed vegetation that is created when they maintain their defensible space zones.
  • Fire Safe Council Clean-up Days and Chipper Days: Community events hosted by local Fire Safe Councils where you can bring vegetation to be chipped at a central place in the community and/or dispose of large waste items like appliances, e-waste, palm fronds, etc. 
  • Sunrise Powerlink Mitigation Grant Program: Eligible parcels within the Sunrise Powerlink footprint can receive up to $2,500 annually for the creation or maintenance of defensible space or structure hardening improvements.

 How much does a home assessment cost?

Our home assessments are free of charge to all residents in our service area within San Diego County, made possible through grant funding from CAL FIRE through California Fire Safe Council’s Defensible Space Assistance Grant Program. 

What will be covered during a home assessment?

During a home assessment, you can expect a review of defensible space zones, hardening your structure from ember intrusion, and landscaping suggestions.

Who are the assessors?

Our trained staff members will complete your assessments and make recommendations. We do align our program with local fire agencies; however, we are non-regulatory, providing only education and resources to help you meet wildfire resilience goal.

Do I have to make the changes recommended during the assessment?

No, your assessment and outcomes are completely confidential, and completion of recommended actions are not required to be completed.



How to Apply

Applications are open to any homeowner and appointments are grouped based on geographic location for efficiency. We’ve divided the County into 12 zones to ensure scheduling is consistent and transparent. You can view our service area and find your zone with the map here.

FIRST search your address in the interactive map to find out when assessments are available in your area.

SECOND submit an application to participate. After submitting an application, a staff member will contact you to schedule according to your Zone.