-Are you fire safe? The following programs are designed to help prepare your home and property for the risk of wildfire. From workshops to help you learn how fires behave and what you can do to prepare before disaster strikes, to on-the-ground programs that provide concrete defensible space support, the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County can help.

Community Chipping Program

Creating and maintaining defensible space can be a challenge! Our Community Chipping Program is designed to help you dispose of hazardous vegetative debris from your defensible space zone. Cut and stack brush near your curbside, and our contractors will chip the debris into mulch, free of charge. Service is provided based on our zone system and only available after completing a home assessment. 

Defensible Space Assistance Program

DSAP_webFor those facing physical or economic barriers, our Defensible Space Assistance Program was designed to support you with the creation of defensible space to keep your property safer from wildfire. After completing a home assessment, our contractors will help complete defensible space priorities such as tree trimming and weed abatement. 

Home Assessment Program

Available countywide, our Home Assessment Program provides an overview of home hardening, defensible space, and fire-wise landscaping options. Through this program, our assessors will provide you with our top recommendations to improve your defensible space and home hardening measures, and refer you to programs to help you meet your wildfire resilience goals.