Post Disaster Recovery

Has your property been impacted by wildfire in the last five years?

DSCN4029_webIf so, financial and technical assistance is available through the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Catastrophic Fire Recovery program. This program is meant to provide resource protection in areas affected by catastrophic fires in the past five years. The main focus of this funding is to reduce the impacts of the fires related to soil erosion, water quality, accumulation of fire hazard debris, invasion by noxious weeds, and livestock infrastructure.

If eligible, NRCS can help by creating a conservation plan and providing financial assistance for implementing certain practices. Example practices include “Road Closure” to block access or repair rutted roads that lead to erosion; “Herbaceous Weed Treatment” for control of invasive, noxious weeds which may regrow after the fire; and “Forest Stand Improvement” which removes dead hazard trees and disposes of woody debris by piling, burning, or chipping. 

Contact the Fire Safe Council at (619) 562-0096 to schedule a site assessment of your property.