Funds to mitigate risk from wildland fire within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) are available and awarded through a competitive process with emphasis on hazard fuel reduction in the WUI, information and education, assessment and planning, and monitoring through community and landowner action. Funding is delivered through and managed by state/island forestry organizations. This portion of the National Fire Plan was developed to assist interface communities manage the unique hazards they find around them. In addition to the National Fire Plan, the National Wildland Fire Management Strategy brings forward the goals of Restoring Resilient Landscapes, Fire Adapted Communities, and Response to Wildland Fires; the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition strategies of Conserve, Protect, and Enhance are incorporated into individual states Forest Action Plans.

Each state/island will set its own internal deadlines for its cooperators and partners applications so that they may be reviewed and prioritized at the state level before submission. Please pay close attention to the deadline and any special instructions for your application that has been set by your representative state/island.


25 Aug 2017   Applications are due to CALFIRE Unit or Contract County.  Fire Safe Councils (FSC), local fire agencies, and local government applications are due to CALFIRE Unit or Contract County Pre-Fire Engineer for review & prioritization.

01 Sept 2017   Units submit to Region.  CALFIRE Unit and Contract County contacts will submit applications in electronic format to their Region Pre-Fire Coordinator.

08 Sept 2017   Regions submit applications to Sacramento Pre-Fire Coordinator.  This allows enough time for electronic submittal to WSFM by C.O.B. 15 Sept 2017

All applications must be submitted to the online portal by the state/island forestry agency by 5:00pm MST on Friday, September 15, 2017. Proposals submitted after this deadline will not be considered for the grant year.

Questions should be directed to the Local CALFIRE Unit or Contract County Pre-Fire Engineer first, then to your North or South Region representative, and finally to Scott Witt, Battalion Chief.

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